A Letter To Tori.

Dear Victoria, I know you are gonna hate me when you come home because not only did i leave but i brought someone with me. But it turns out you were right. I am the weak one in this situation. I am very weak. I am co-dependent to the max. I made a million excuses of why i could not be with you and really it was me that was the problem. I am just too needy for you. You are too independent and strong for me. I always crave your attention and to feel you close to me. I craved your presence and I was not really getting that much. I let my co-dependency ruin it for me. I let myself feel isolated and alone. I let myself feel unwanted when really, the person I love and the only person who has probably ever truly loved me back was just doing what they needed to. I am sorry that I let you down.. I should have just talked it out and gotten reassurance instead of diving into another venture to look for happiness when i know I will not find it. I miss you everyday that goes by that we cannot talk. I miss your laugh, Your smile, Your kiss, Your voice and our cute little talks when we were going to bed. I miss you Tori. I miss us. I miss everything we had and regret ruining what we could have had. I don’t deserve you. I don’t feel good enough for you. I don’t feel like I deserve to have someone so strong when I am so weak.. I know you will disagree with that but you told me to just let you know how I feel so I am. I am still madly and deeply in love with you. I hope I have not lost you in my life forever.. I wish I would have made different choices and just been able to talk to you about everything instead of holding it in. I wish I didn’t ruin us… I just hope you can forgive me for my weakness.